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When it comes to female mayors, Texas makes a strong showing

2015-04-14 by Melissa Marschall
A new study by Rice University Professor, Melissa Marschall, finds that although Texas’ conservative political culture and traditional family values are usually seen as an impediment to women’s politi ...

Chicago faces first mayoral runoff in its history

2015-02-25 by Rachel Galton
Incumbent Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel failed to recieve a majority of votes on Tuesday, meaning that the city of Chicago will hold its first mayoral runoff. Though Emanuel won 45% of votes, he lost man ...

November elections see several changes in mayorship

2014-11-05 by Rachel Galton
Last week's elections saw a number of changes in leadership at the mayoral level across the country. Despite losing his status as mayor twice in the past due to felonies, Buddy Cianci independently ma ...

Two-Thirds of AZ School Board Races on November 4th Ballot are Uncontested

2014-10-21 by Melissa Marschall
Out of 595 school board positions up for election this November, 396 are uncontested. In some counties like Maricopa, this means elections have been canceled. Though school board races in some distric ...

New Jersey town elects first African-American female mayor

2014-07-01 by Rachel Galton
The town of Teaneck, New Jersey elected Lizette Parker as the new mayor in early July by a 7-0 vote of sitting council members. Her election is a historical moment for both the town and Bergen County, ...

Vice Mayor leads going into runoff; could become first gay mayor in Long Beach

2014-04-08 by Rachel Galton
Vice Mayor Robert Garcia holds a lead over opponent Damon Dunn going into the mayoral runoff in Long Beach. In an election with extremely low voter turnout, Garcia's 25% trumped Dunn's 22%, though Dun ...

Mayoral race in Long Beach could produce a variety of 'firsts'

2014-04-05 by Rachel Galton
After sitting Mayor Bob Foster announced that he would not run for re-election, several contenders emerged for the mayoral seat in Long Beach, California, a port city with a suffering economy. Despite ...

Bowser defeats Gray in D.C. Democratic primary amidst controversy

2014-04-02 by Rachel Galton
Muriel Bowser won the Democratic mayoral primary in the District of Colombia in November over incumbent Vincent Gray. Gray's term has been deeply controversial, as several members of his campaign have ...

Minneapolis's first year of ranked-choice voting leaves much room for improvement

2013-11-08 by Rachel Galton
Minneapolis introduced ranked-choice voting for their local elections this year, a system under which voters' second and third choices are also considered when selecting winners. However, the tedious ...

3 of New York's 6 largest cities likely to elect female mayors

2013-11-05 by Rachel Galton
Albany, Rochester, and Sycracuse are all likely to elect female mayors. While Kathy Sheehan has already won in Albany, Lovely Warren and Stephanie Miner have comfortable unofficial leads in Rochester ...

Derby, Connecticut elects first female mayor

2013-11-05 by Rachel Galton
Anita Dugatto became the first woman elected as mayor in Derby, Connecticut after defeating 4-term incumbent Anthony Staffieri. Dugatto won along with a strong Democratic base and focused her campaign ...

Walsh narrowly defeats Connolly with support of diverse coalition in Boston

2013-11-05 by Rachel Galton
Legislator Martin Walsh defeated John Connolly to win the Boston mayoral race this week. Walsh's election ends 20 years of mayorship by current mayor Thomas Menino, who supports Walsh. Walsh was funde ...

Pontiac, Michigan elects first female mayor

2013-11-05 by Rachel Galton
Deirdre Waterman defeated incumbent Leon Jukowski with support of 68% of voters, becoming the city's first female mayor. Following a "troubled period," Waterman hopes for positive change in the city. ...

Nan Whaley elected as Dayton mayor by 12% margin

2013-11-05 by Rachel Galton
Nan Whaley won the mayoral election in Dayton, Ohio in November with 56% of votes. Her campaign focused on the progress the city has made, while her opponent, A.J. Wagner described Dayton as a dying c ...

Waterman leads in Pontiac mayoral primary; could become first female mayor

2013-10-30 by Rachel Galton
Deirdre Waterman leads in votes over incumbent mayor Leon Jukowski following this week's primary. Her many community supporters cite both her experience and fresh take. Waterman hopes to emphasize col ...

35 Candidates queue up in Minneapolis mayor’s race

2013-10-28 by Paru Shah
With Mayor R.T. Rybak's decision not to seek re-election this November 5th, the contest in Minneapolis marks the first time in 20 years that the mayoral election has not included an incumbent. The lik ...

Historic first for New York possible in election of 3 female mayors in major cities

2013-10-20 by Rachel Galton
Three of New York's six largest cities could have female mayors in the upcoming election. Stephanie Miner became Syracuse's first female mayor four years ago, and Lovely Warren and Kathy Sheehan are s ...

Seventeen Candidates Vying for 4 City Council Seats in Meridian, ID

2013-10-16 by Paru Shah
Citing population growth over the last 20 years, Meridian residents decided to add two additional seats to their City Council, bringing the total to six. The additional open seats stimulated public in ...

Partisan Politics Ignite a Colorado School Board Election

2013-10-15 by Paru Shah
Four seats on the currently all-Republican board are up for grabs this November on the Douglas County School Board. The board's efforts at education reform - including a voucher program, dissolution o ...

Field of Twelve Narrowed to Two in Boston's Mayoral Race

2013-09-26 by Melissa Marschall
State Representative Martin J. Walsh and City Councilor John R. Connolly were the top vote getters in Tuesday's preliminary mayoral election. With such a crowded field, Walsh finished first with only ...

New Poll Finds Only 34% of Likely Voters Ready to Vote for Incumbent Houston Mayor Anise Parker

2013-09-25 by Melissa Marschall
This November, Anise Parker will run for her final term as the mayor of the nation's fourth largest city. A new poll of 400 likely voters by KUHF/KHOU finds that while a majority (57%) is satisfied wi ...

Mayoral offices still lacking in female representation

2013-09-19 by Rachel Galton
While the amount of women represented in government has grown, women are still lagging in chief executive positions such as mayor. While women have higher rates of mayorship in small cities, only Hous ...

Warren upsets Richards in Rochester Democratic mayoral primary

2013-09-10 by Rachel Galton
Lovely Warren won approximately 57% of the votes in the Democratic primary for mayor over Tom Richards, but will have to face him again, as he is now running with the Independent Party. Her victory ca ...

Write-in Candidate Mike Duggan Top Vote Getter in Detroit Primary Election, Heads to Run-off Against Benny Napoleon for City’s New Mayor

2013-08-07 by Melissa Marschall
Former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, both seasoned political figures, will vie to become the next mayor of Detroit. The two emerged out of a field of ...

Garcetti wins mayoral seat in Los Angeles with historically low voter turnout

2013-06-11 by Rachel Galton
Eric Garcetti won the Los Angeles mayor seat with 54.2% of votes over Wendy Greuel. Only 420,000, or 23% of voters, participated in the election, the lowest turnout "in any two-candidate runoff in 100 ...

Anthony Weiner officially declares candidacy for New York City Mayor's race

2013-05-22 by Melissa Marschall
After a two-year hiatus from politics, former Congressman (D-NY) Anthony Weiner announced his decision to run for New York City mayor. After the scandal that led to his resignation from Congress, Mr. ...

Garcetti beats Greuel in Los Angeles Mayoral Election

2013-05-22 by Melisssa Marschall
Eric Garcetti defeated his competitor, Controller Wendy Greuel, 54% to 46% in a low turnout election to replace current Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. The three-term city council member from ...

Long Beach mayoral election could result in first gay mayor

2013-05-16 by Rachel Galton
Long Beach native Gerrie Schipske has run for several state political offices since 1988 with minimal success. However, she has been elected by her district to city council in the past two elections. ...

Takoma Park, MD passes charter amendments that lower the minimum voting age to 16

2013-05-14 by Melissa Marschall
The Takoma Park city council passed a series of charter amendments in its May meeting. One will give 16- and 17-year-olds the right to vote in municipal elections. The city has a history of liberal vo ...

Lopez announces mayoral campaign; could be first Hispanic mayor

2013-04-26 by Rachel Galton
Toledo's mayoral campaign gets underway as Anita Lopez announced her candidacy this month. A county auditor, "Lopez is the first Hispanic elected to countywide offices." Should she be elected as mayor ...

Emily's List recognizes 2012 as historic year for females in politics

2012-12-31 by Rachel Galton
Emily's List, a political action committee that supports women in politics, celebrated a historic year for women in 2012. 8 women were elected as mayors, 2 as state senators, 3 as general assembly mem ...

Emily's List endorses Nan Whaley for mayor of Dayton

2012-03-06 by Rachel Galton
Emily's List, a political action committee that supports women in politics, recently endorsed Nan Whaley as mayor of Dayton, Ohio. The President of Emily's list described Whaley as a "progressive cham ...

Indiana elections could be landmark year for women

2011-10-15 by Rachel Galton
Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Gary, Indiana could all elect their first female mayors in November. With the percentage of female mayors at 9%, lower than the national average, Indiana has been slow to ...

Statewide offices still lacking in female representation

1989-07-09 by Rachel Galton
Despite barriers to entry, many Texas women are beginning to hold city offices. Six of the state's largest cities now have female mayors, but success has not yet translated into power at the state-wid ...



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